I am a die-hard, lifelong Bruce Springsteen fan.

The first Bruce song I ever heard was Born in the USA. But the one that shook my world was Born to Run. That song is a powder keg, an incredible storehouse of raw, undiluted energy. Not just the stone and gravel…


It’s an interesting word. Sounds almost oxymoronic — a contradiction.

Isn’t change the new constant? Why change less? Shouldn’t we change more?

And in this new VUCA world, arent we always changing? As if pushed by an invisible hand — asking, sometimes forcing us to change ourselves, to reinvent…

After I moved to the U.S one thing I struggled with the most was the beginning of a work meeting.

Conversations would invariably start with sports-talk. Did you catch last night’s Packers game? What about that Braves offence? Weren’t they the best?

For someone grown up on a staple diet…

Coping with COVID

Most days today look like a scene straight out of Groundhog Day.

For the uninitiated Groundhog Day is a 1993 classic movie featuring Bill Murray as a disgruntled news reporter who is condemned to repeat each day till he learns his lesson.

Not all that different from…

Designing a Bias-free Organization

The subject of race relations and social justice is again a central debate. But this current crisis is different – those that are privileged are being asked to do more than just ‘get to know’ or ‘learn’ more. They are being asked to do more.


Why Leadership Development Needs a Nudge


Originally published on www.gallup.com on June 21, 2019

Leadership development might be one of the most significant loss-making ventures in modern business.

Companies spend big money on developing leaders – about $3.4 billion annually by some estimates – yet research shows…

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